South Bay: New Bambu

After Sen Dai, we hit up New Bambu for some Vietnamese dessert (che!):

As usual, I was overwhelmed by the menu:

Besides che, New Bambu also has a wide variety of other drinks as well.  Apparently, they also have Vietnamese sandwiches

T ended up ordering for us, so I have no idea what anything is.  Don't they look pretty though?:

After a while, everything starts to taste the same, since everything except for the second cup from the left is coconut based.  The only difference is the texture.  Che with mung bean or taro in them are thicker and creamier.

The second cup from the left is the only che that stood out to me.  We ordered it at the recommendation of the lady behind the counter.  I'm a sucker for avocado and the lady said that it was basically avocado with jellies in it.  I didn't realize until too late that when she said avocado she meant straight up avocado.  The dessert basically tasted like guacamole...which is good on a chip, but not from a straw.  I had to add some coconut milk from the other che to make it more palatable.

All the other che tasted great.  It was just the avocado one that threw me off.  I'm going to stick to nice, safe avocado smoothies from now on.

NB ordered a banana mocha with pearls and asked us not to judge her too harshly:

We didn't.  Outwardly.  (Just kidding, NB!)

LoveLOVElove che.  One day I'm going to be able to walk into New Bambu and order myself.  I swear it!  I guess I better start by having T write down what she orders the next time we go...

New Bambu
1756 N Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 942-1790


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