San Francisco: To Hyang

After spending the afternoon shopping, my sister and I met up with AF for dinner on Friday.  Since I didn't have Internet access, I made AF choose the restaurant.  In spite of the long list of cuisines that my sister wasn't in the mood for, AF persevered and was able to find a restaurant that my sister wouldn't object to - To Hyang:

It's a good sign when the patrons inside a Korean restaurant are all older Korean men:

The meal started off with the usual array of panchan:

My sister was craving dokbokki:

It was so spicy that she was near tears mid-dish and couldn't finish it.  I'm proud to say that while it was indeed painfully hot, it didn't do me in.  Again, all credit goes to my roommate back in Chicago and the intense tolerance training she put me through.

AF got the mandoo and rice cake soup:

Compared to that soup, my sulungtang (beef bone soup) was much lighter in flavor:

When you're not in the mood for something heavy and it's a typical SF summer outside, sulungtang is the best.

The noodles were extremely Q.  It took me quite a few bites before I realized there there were two kinds of noodle in the bowl:

A very satisfying meal, though I do think my Chicago roommate makes better dokbokki.

I'll be making a trip to South Korea in September with my friend.  So excited!  I can't wait to try all this stuff there and see if it tastes any different...

To Hyang
3815 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 668-8186


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