Tri-City: Aberdeen Cafe

A family friend of ours wanted to take us out to lunch to celebrate my dad returning from his trip to Taiwan.  We let her pick the location and she chose Aberdeen Cafe:

It seemed like a popular lunch spot for all the businesses in the area:

Since it was our first time there and we didn't know what was good, we let our family friend do all the ordering.  (Okay, part of it was actually laziness and the other part was aversion to responsibility.)

Our family friend didn't let us down.  Everything she ordered was delicious.

We started out with Hainan chicken:

Loved the ginger scallion sauce.  I could eat that with rice forever.

She also ordered a clam dish:

And a beef and mushroom dish:

There was also tofu smothered in crab and egg white sauce:

And deep fried pork:

The pork skin was fantastically crispy, but the meat bits were sometimes a bit...hard.  I especially enjoyed the sweet beans that came on the side.

But what really blew my socks off was the chicken oil rice:

The name may sound pretty nasty to some people, but trust me, it's AMAZING.  So fragrant.  So flavorful.  So utterly delicious.  I may never go back to white rice again.  (That's a lie.  I love white rice.)

There were quite a few businessmen who came in to eat on their own.  Aberdeen Cafe has a great lunch selection for individual diners (rice plates and noodles and the like), so I can understand why...even though personally I feel awkward dining at restaurants alone.

The meal was great, but what made it awesome was our family friend's tale of all the drama and hilarity that ensued during her recent vacation with her son to Florida and Peru.  She had so much to tell us that she forgot to give herself a chance to eat.  When my family had to leave to make it to another appointment, our family friend actually had to stay behind to finish eating.

To sum it all up, whether you're having a quick business lunch or a long drawn-out lunch with old friends, Aberdeen Cafe fits the bill.  While you could certainly dine there alone, you really should bring a friend.  You get to try more when you eat family style.  (Makes sense, no?)

Aberdeen Cafe
46831 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 659-0888


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