San Francisco: Lime Tree Southeast Asian Kitchen

My mom drove up to SF on Wednesday to have dinner with me.  (Guess she got lonely with both my dad and my sister in Taiwan.)  Picking a suitable restaurant was quite a feat in itself as I had to find a place that 1) wasn't in a shady location, 2) didn't require driving up crazy hills, and 3) had decent parking.

I hoped Lime Tree in the Inner Sunset would meet all three reqs:

Unfortunately, we had to drive up a decent sized hill and we spent over 20 minutes circling around, looking for street parking.  Sigh.  Well, one out of three isn't bad.

The restaurant is located kinda in the basement of the building.  There's a counter that you can place your order at, though I did see people ordering from their table:

We started off with the martabak:

It's basically roti stuffed with minced meat, green onions, and egg and served with a light curry dipping sauce. My mom liked it, but could only eat one slice.  It was up to me to finish the rest.  Which I did.  I know, I'm a beast.  I love roti and curry...and meat is always a bonus.

We also got the corn fritters:

Such delicious little fried corn and minced shrimp nuggets.

For our main dishes, we split the nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice):

We originally ordered chicken, but they accidentally brought us shrimp.  Hey, no complaints here.

And the Singapore curry noodles:

The glass noodles came stir fried in curry sauce with shredded chicken.

My mom loved the fried rice, while she wasn't quite as big of a fan of the noodles.  I rather enjoyed both.  We got way too much food (what else is new?) and ended up packing away half of each.

Lime Tree serves cheap, but delicious Southeast Asian cuisine.  It focuses primarily on Singaporean, Indonesian, and Malaysian.  Definitely a great place to get a taste of each culture.  I would avoid driving there though, parking in the area is a disaster!

Lime Tree Southeast Asian Kitchen
450A Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 665-1415


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