Hi!  We're the No Shame Sisters!  (Otherwise known as Amy and Abby.)

Amy (pictured on the left) started this blog while she was still a law student in Chicago.  She had a summer internship in Taiwan and her goal at the time was to rub in her friends' faces all the awesome food they were missing out on.  Fast forward years later and she's still at it.  Now a nonprofit attorney in the Bay Area, she's still traveling and still eating...much to the detriment of her wallet and her waistline.

Abby (by process of elimination the one pictured on the right) is the mastermind behind our Instagram account, @noshameadventures.  If you're not already following us, you should fix that immediately!  When she's not healing the world one patient at a time, she's hiking one of the many trails in the Bay so that she can continue eating and maintain her Yelp Elite status.

There are so many places that we have yet to see and explore and we can't wait to bring you along on our EPICurean adventures!

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