South Bay: Hung Vuong Tofu

Whenever my family wants soy milk, we always head over to Hung Vuong Tofu.  It's only a short drive from my house and it makes its soy milk fresh:

None of that disgusting Americanized boxed soy milk here.  Only the legit stuff (both sweetened and unsweetened).  Besides soy milk, there's also various other Vietnamese goodies:

One of which is dou fu hua (in Chinese), a tofu dessert:

In my humble opinion, Hung Vuong makes the best tofu dessert.  Even the ones I've had in Taiwan can't compare.  What makes Hung Vuong stand out is its ginger syrup.  It's intensely ginger infused and while it may seem overwhelmingly sweet by itself, it's actually perfect once combined with the liquid from the tofu.

My sister likes to make fun of this, but I have to say it: SOOOOO GOOOOOOD.

Hung Vuong Tofu
1741 Berryessa Rd
San Jose, CA 95133
(408) 254-1740


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