San Francisco: Woodhouse Fish Co.

As if brunch wasn't enough, after I made sure NB got on Bart alright, I met up with AF for some Castro exploring.  We started off at Woodhouse Fish Co. for some fish and chips:

Woodhouse Fish Co. has two locations, one in Castro and one on Fillmore.  For some reason, the prices are lower at the one in Castro.  Which is why I suggested we go to that one while we were in the area.  (I'm Chinese like that.)

We got to Woodhouse Fish Co. at a rather awkward, in-between meal time of day, so there weren't that many people inside:

However, the place quickly filled up toward the end of our stay.

We ordered the 2-piece fish and chips:

Oh my gawd.  It was so good.  The Alaskan cod was juicy and the beer batter crust was almost delicately crispy.  Fries were great too.

Since we were there, we figured we might as well go all the way and order the cioppino too:

For $20, we got crab, mussels, fish, clams, and bay scallops in this peppery tomato broth.  The garlic bread was uber garlic-y, though a little hard, but nothing a quick soak in the soup couldn't fix.

Very satisfying meal, but probably too much food for the two of us, especially as we had BBQ planned for dinner.  Thanks to the subsequent food coma, we ended up spending a good chunk of the afternoon sitting at the corner of Market and Castro people watching.  There really is no better place to people watch than in the Castro.  (If you don't know what I mean, you're missing out.)

Final verdict: Woodhouse Fish Co., you're fantastic!

Woodhouse Fish Co.
2073 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 437-2722


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