San Francisco: Zante Pizza

Since CL is embarking this week on her great South/Southeast Asian voyage to participate in conferences and speak with medical professionals about her team's new social enterprise (check it out here:, we had a mini-undergrad reunion last Friday at Zante Pizza:

Standing around outside with AF waiting for CL to arrive was PAINFUL because we kept being bombarded by the tantalizing smells wafting from the open door of the restaurant.

Indian pizza is genius:

CL's friend is vegetarian, so he ordered his own veggie pizza.  The remaining three of us took on a large meat one.  It included spinach, eggplant, cauliflower, ginger, garlic, green onion, cilantro, lamb, tandoori chicken, and prawns.  Guh.  How amazing does that sound?

One hefty slice:

Soooooooo scrumptious.

AF, CL, and I could barely finish the large pizza, while CL's friend steadily breezed through his medium one with no problem.

Zante delivers free all across the city.  Besides the Indian pizzas, it also offers regular pizzas and a wide range of Indian dishes.  I first heard about Zante through my visiting Chicago friend.  Words cannot express how thankful I am to her for introducing me to the wonders of Indian pizza.  You're the best, Carmen!

If you haven't had Indian pizza before, pick up the phone or better yet, run to Zante.

Zante Pizza
3489 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 821-3949


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