Berkeley: Gather

The in-house attorney at my labor union was super nice and invited me out for dinner with her family Tuesday night.  She wanted to introduce me to her favorite restaurant in Berkeley, so that's how we ended up at Gather:

Gather is very new, at least to me.  When I was still living in Berkeley, that building structure was still in construction.  To know that it's now a successful restaurant is mind boggling to me.  Things change so much even when you think you haven't been gone all that long.

Anyway, my in-house attorney is a semi-vegetarian, but her husband is a full on vegan.  Luckily, Gather is a restaurant that offers a little something for everyone.  So while they enjoyed their vegan meal, I ordered myself a nice, juicy burger (at the recommendation of the other intern in the office who got really excited when he heard that I was going to Gather):

The burger came topped with Sierra Nevada cheddar and aioli.  Served alongside it was a side of fries with caramelized shallot-tomato sauce and mixed greens.

The burger was delicious...but overcooked.  I asked for medium rare and received well-done.  The inside wasn't even pink at all.  However, despite that mishap, the burger was still quite juicy, which goes to show that Gather can make even a well-done burger taste good.  It just would have been better if it had been medium rare.  Just saying.

I had a great time getting to know the in-house lawyer and her family.  She's been a great blessing to me and I am truly grateful for her patience and guidance over the past 10 weeks.

It's my last day at my internship today and that's making me a little sad.  I can't believe I'll be saying goodbye not only to everyone at the office, but also to San Francisco...

2200 Oxford St
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 809-0400


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