San Francisco: Foreign Cinema

I wanted to go out with a bang, thus my last meal in San Francisco had to be uber delicious.  In order to ensure uber deliciousness, I refrained from being too adventurous and stuck with something that I knew would be good.

I had it on good authority that Foreign Cinema is one of the best brunch places in the city, so that's where I dragged my mom, sister, and ahyi last Saturday morning when they came up to SF to help me move out of my studio:

I immediately fell in love with the dining space:

We were seated inside, but the high ceilings and the natural light streaming in from the giant windows made us feel like we were outside with the other half of the restaurant.

Everything looked fabulous on the menu, but we were eventually able to narrow down the choices.  One item that survived the cut was the caramel pecan-pistachio sticky bun:

You won't find a more gorgeous sticky bun anywhere else.

I ordered the croque madame:

Ridiculously delicious.  The bechamel sauce was to die for.

My mom tried the parsi pora, which was a Persian flat omelette with avocado, tomato chutney, and waffled potatoes:

I don't remember much about the omelette itself, but both the avocado and the tomato chutney were amazing.

My sister ordered the king salmon sandwich:

It came with panchetta, avocado, and watercress.

Meanwhile, my ahyi went with the Roman scrambled:

The scramble consisted of squash blossoms, sunburst squash, basil, Reggiano, warm garlic bath, and foccacia croutons.

Every dish was spot on.  Definitely the best brunch I had since Mama's on Washington Square.  Both serve fantastic food, but while Mama's is homey and comforting, Foreign Cinema is elegant and refined (without being pretentious).

Great food, great atmosphere, great service...I would definitely recommend everyone to check it out.

My summer in SF has unfortunately come to an end.  I am now once again back at home with my family in San Jose.  I haven't had the time to miss life in the city yet, however, as I spent the last five days on a trip to LA with my friend and my sister.  More food posts to come!  (I am so very behind...)

Foreign Cinema
25304 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 648-7600


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