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Russian River: Guenerville Taco Truck

When I was researching places to eat during our family staycation, I quickly learned that Guerneville isn't exactly the place to go for cheap dining.  A nice splurge meal is fine...once.  But every day?  Not on our budget.

After settling into our Airbnb, the first thing we did was head to Safeway to buy provisions for the next day.  Located conveniently in the parking lot of Safeway was dinner:

According to the Internet, Guerneville Taco Truck is where you go for cheap yet delicious grub. 

The menu was entirely in English, so my expectations weren't exactly high.  I placed our order and we sat at the picnic table to wait.

We got the quesadilla with chorizo ($4.50):

The California steak fries ($9) with carne asada, nacho cheese, and sour cream:

And for my mother, the nachos supreme ($9), also with carne asada:

I was actually pleasantly surprised.  The guy taking orders was super friendly.  The portion sizes were generous and the food was decent.  Not the best (or most authentic…

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