Thursday, October 16, 2014

South Bay: Ten Ren

It's impossible to recover from a hiking expedition without some pearl tea.  After our lunch buffet at Red Chillies, we headed over to Ten Ren:

I ordered a mango ice teazer ($3.75), T got starfruit tea with grass jelly, we ordered a regular milk tea with pearls for my mother waiting at home ($2.75), and my sister got herself a milk jasmine green tea with pearls ($2.75):

My mango was good, but that's hard to mess up.  Ten Ren is known for its good quality tea.  No powder crap here.  While the milk teas were all solid, the starfruit tea was downright nasty.  Blech.  Not my cup of tea.

Heh.  See what I did there?

Ten Ren
1732 N Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 946-1118

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

South Bay: Red Chillies

The first time we attempted Alviso Marina County Park, we had no idea what we were getting into.  We kept thinking there would be a shortcut somewhere, but when we realized that the park was essentially one gigantic loop (of unknown length), we called a halt and turned back before we reached the point of no return.

We retreated to Red Chillies to lick our wounds:

And to stuff our bellies.  We figured we'd hiked enough to justify an Indian buffet.

My sister has her favorite Indian buffet in Baltimore.  She's on a quest to find an equivalent in the Bay.  She read about Red Chillies' Sunday lunch buffet on Yelp.

The first thing we noticed when we entered the restaurant was the buffet spread:

As well as the fact that we were the only non-Indians in the place.  A good sign.

There was a lot to choose from, so I got a bit of almost everything:

I think the only dishes I skipped were the ones on the kiddie table.  Yes, there was a kiddie table.

There was also quite an extensive dessert section:

There was a carton of ice cream resting in a bucket of ice.  We expected some kind of exotic flavor, but it turned out to be vanilla with chocolate swirl.  Which made us laugh.

Red Chillies is known for its Kerala cuisine.  While I can't explain what Kerala cuisine actually is, I can tell you that it doesn't include naan.  So if you believe that an Indian meal is incomplete without fresh, buttery naan, Red Chillies is not the place for you.  But if you love rice and/or papadum, head on over.

At over $10 a person, Red Chillies isn't the cheapest Indian buffet in town, but it's pretty legit.

Red Chillies
167 S Main St
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 418-4778

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

South Bay: 85°C Bakery Cafe

My dad's cousin's son (those of you who understand all the second cousin twice removed stuff, please tell me what I should call him) is some kind of manager at 85°C.  The 85°C branch in San Jose opened not too long ago.  We found out that my dad's cousin's son (seriously, what is he?) was working the late shift one night, so we went down there to take advantage of the two $10 gift cards he gave us previously.

Our immediate reaction upon arrival was something along the lines of "Damn, that's big":

That is, until we went inside and realized that most of the space was taken up by tables and a giant counter.  The actual bread section was small and prone to clogging with 85°C bread enthusiasts.

We picked a bunch of bread to gift to a family friend and then ordered two drinks for ourselves.  We asked our 85°C insider for a recommendation and he told us to try the Lemon°C.  Apparently it's lemon tea with an entire lemon sliced into it.  Just to cover the basics, we also ordered a milk tea with pearls:

The milk tea was forgettable, but the pearls were BOMB.  Perfect texture, perfectly sweetened.  We couldn't stop talking about how great they were.  When we told our findings to my dad's cousin's son, he laughed and said that the pearls at 85°C are hit or miss.  Apparently we went on a good night.  Lucky us.

The Lemon°C, however, we were not fond of.  We felt that the whole lemon, while cute in concept, was ultimately a waste of space.  Between the entire freakin' lemon and all the ice, the actual amount of liquid in the cup was much less than it should have been.  Also, the lemon made the tea slightly bitter, which was unpleasant.

I still don't get the big hype about 85°C.  The idea of people lining up for two hours just to get some bread when the store first opened boggles my mind.

It's good, but it's not THAT good.  Sorry, dad's cousin's son.  We certainly wouldn't turn down another gift card though.  Heh.

85°C Bakery Cafe
1183 S De Anza Blvd #10
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 252-7885

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Berkeley: Turkish Kitchen

Back in August (yes, I'm really behind on my posts), a Chicago friend came to visit the Bay.  She was staying with her sister in Berkeley, so that's where VN, SY, and I met up with her.  Since she had more dietary restrictions, we let her pick the restaurant.  She went with Turkish Kitchen:

Turkish Kitchen didn't exist when I was a student at Cal.  That particular space used to be a Mediterranean restaurant with a blue awning, the name of which escapes me now.

They really spruced up the place.  I don't remember it being quite so fancy inside:

Yelp reviews mentioned that you had to request the complimentary bread or it wouldn't come.  Before we could even open our mouths to make the request, our server asked us if we would like some bread.  Uh, yes please?:

My cheap Chinese self warred with my desire to have mousakka again (I'd only had it once before in Chicago) and also to just say mousakka out loud.  Mousakka is such a fun word to say, isn't it?  Mousakka.  Mousakka.

Ultimately, mousakka was victorious:

It wasn't even all that expensive at $11.95.  It's just that when there are cheaper options on the menu, I feel pressured by my ancient Chinese ancestors to let frugality dictate my decisions.  Sad, I know.

Anyway, I digress.  The mousakka was brilliant.  Ground beef between mashed potatoes and eggplants and topped with bechamel sauce and cheese...what's not to love?  And the rice.  Omigawd, the rice.  Most fragrant rice ever.  I would eat the rice by itself.  Nothing else necessary.

The food at Turkish Kitchen was great, but the company was even better.  Especially when said company let you taste what they order.  I had a bite of everyone else's dishes and everything was delish.

If only Turkish Kitchen had been around when I was still at Berkeley.

Turkish Kitchen
1986 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 540-9997

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

South Bay: Thousand Tasty

My parents dragged the family to Thousand Tasty after they saw a photo one of their friends posted on FB:

For weekend lunch, it was pretty quiet inside:

The "Chinese burger" was essentially a mo (a kind of dense bread) with your choice of meat.  We went with the cumin beef burger ($3.99):

We were curious about what a "multi-layer cake" was.  Turned out it was essentially a green onion pancake folded over:

We got the gomi chicken cheese multi-layer cake ($8.99) at the suggestion of our server:

Like a Chinese quesadilla.  With peas.  I hate peas.  The chicken was good though.  Probably the best thing we had that day, but not sure if it was worth 9 bucks.

We also ordered the combination shredded pancake ($8.95):

Instead of noodles, shredded pancake is exactly what it sounds like.  Just...neater.  Think sliced green onion pancakes.  Without the green onion.

My mom is a noodle fanatic.  She really wanted to try the seafood noodle soup ($8.95):

She expected it to be spicy, but it wasn't at all.  She was definitely not happy.

Whenever we find lamb soup with mo bread on a menu, we have to order it.  It's like an obsession.  The one at Thousand Tasty is translated as "pieces bread in lamb soup" ($9.95):

Instead of the large chunks of mo bread that we're used to finding, the mo in this soup came diced into tiny cubes.  The problem with that was the bread got soggy real fast.

Overall, we weren't that impressed with Thousand Tasty.  Not with their food.  Not with their prices.  And certainly not with their young servers with their popped collars and I'm-too-cool-for-this attitude.

This just shows that you can't always trust FB photos.

Thousand Tasty
50 Dixon Rd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 262-3338

Monday, September 22, 2014

South Bay: Jazen Tea

After a less than satisfying meal at Big T's, we walked across the street the Jazen Tea to console ourselves:

Jazen Tea is attached to a pho restaurant.  They each have their own separate entrances, but they share the same space inside.

The Jazen Tea section is essentially a long counter with a couple small tables inside and outside:

While we were there (and we were chatting outside for quite a while), the line seemed never-ending.

My sister got the regular milk tea with honey boba ($3.55) while I decided to try one of Jazen Tea's snow sips, the lychee cooler ($4.65):

I originally wanted to try their lychee explosion (lychee and peach flavored tea with lychee fruit bits) because that sounded amazing.  I quickly changed my mind when I was told that it was made with green tea.  Blech.  Not a fan of green tea.

There was also an apple jack milk tea that sounded very interesting.  We were told that it tasted like the milk after having a bowl of Apple Jacks cereal.  While intriguing, I was ultimately tempted away by lychee.

As for what we did end up ordering, I remember not liking the milk tea at all, but I don't remember why.  The lychee cooler was essentially a lychee slushie with pineapple fruit bits at the top.  I added pearls because we got one free add-on for checking in on Yelp.  It was a dumb move.  The pearls ended up all hard because of the iciness of the slushie.

Because we were still hungry, CV ordered some fried chicken to split among the four of us:

While the chicken was so-so (as was the sweet and sour sauce), the chili powder that was got on the self-service counter was fantastic.

As it's kind of out of the way for us, the chances of me going back to Jazen Tea is pretty much slim to none.  If I did find myself back though, I would stay away from the milk teas and try another of its interesting fruit options.

Ugh...when did pearl tea get so expensive?

Jazen Tea
1834 Tully Rd
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 238-1411

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

South Bay: Big T's Oyster Bar

My sister and I met up with T and CV at Big T's Oyster Bar for dinner a while back:

It seemed like a pretty hip place.  Big screens blasting sports coverage on the walls and servers that seemed very, very young in comparison with us old hags.  Plenty of natural light, which was a plus:

We tried to ask our server for recommendations on oysters.  But when he described one type of oyster as tasting "fluffy," we knew we were on our own.  We ended up ordering half a dozen kumamotos ($11.50) and half a dozen shigoku ($11.50)

The lobster salad ($15) was heavy on the cumin, but light on the lobster:

We actually preferred the greens underneath to the lobster salad.

The razor clams were $34.99 per lb.  This was $17.50 worth:

Not bad.  Would have been more enjoyable if it hadn't been for the shards of shell that kept slipping into our mouths.

What I was most interested in was the geoduck.  When you order geoduck at Big T's, you get it prepared two ways.  Sashimi:

And fried:

I liked the sashimi more than the fried.  There's a crunch to it, as if the geoduck tensed itself as it was being sliced.  Morbid, eh?  I hope that didn't scare anyone away from trying it.

What should scare people away is the hefty price tag.  Those two tiny servings?  $36.79.


Honestly, we weren't impressed by Big T's.  If anything, we were turned off by its prices relative to its portion sizes.  If it wasn't for T's $50 Groupon, our itty bitty meal would have cost us $100.37.

A hundred bucks that could have been better spent on better tasting food.  A lot more better tasting food.

Sorry, Big T's.  You can keep your fluffy oysters.  I'll be getting my seafood fix elsewhere.

Big T's Oyster House
1694 Tully Rd, Ste B
San Jose, CA 95122
(408) 238-2888
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