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Greece: Tis Theatrou to Steki

One of my family's favorite meals in Athens took place at probably the most inconspicuous restaurant in the city.  Tucked into a side street behind the Varvakios Market, you wouldn't know Tis Theatrou to Steki was there if it weren't for all the tables lining the sidewalk:

Known as a local hangout for market workers, you'd be hard pressed to find a tourist in the sea of elderly Greek men.  So when we rolled up in our full Chinese tourist family splendor, (who I assumed to be) the owner looked like he didn't know what to do with us.

After seating us at a table, he gave us a sheepish smile and explained that he didn't speak much English, but that he would send someone who did.  A couple minutes later, a young woman came by.  She told us that the menu was essentially what they had pre-made and displayed at the counter.  My sister and I went to take a peek, but we were quickly overwhelmed by the options (and the lack of labels).  Finally, the young woman offered to…

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