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Taiwan: Wan Xiang Duck Maker

You order a roast duck in a fancy Chinese restaurant...or you can walk by Wan Xiang and just take one to go:

If you live in Taiwan, that is.

Jiejie showed us that for 650 NT or around $20.75, you can get a whole duck neatly sliced to take home:

Just look at how they glisten!

On top of that, you also get the rest of the duck stir fried with basil and garlic (additional 50 NT / $1.60 to add in cabbage):

Crepes and sweet bean sauce are provided, but you can add extra crepes for 10 NT / $0.32 per order and extra sweet bean sauce at 10 NT for two packets:

Pair it with some sliced green onion and you got yourself a roast duck roll:

None of the pomp and circumstance and all of the deliciousness all in the comfort of your own home.  What's not to love?

+886 2 2231 7172

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