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San Francisco: Neighbor Bakehouse

On my way to Aina, I passed an impressive-looking line.  I couldn't tell what all the people were waiting for, so after I met up with my sister, we pulled up Google Maps and used our detective skills to figure it out.

Turns out the line was for Neighbor Bakehouse:

Curious, we got in line ourselves even though we'd just finished a full brunch at Aina.

The interior was essentially the kitchen with a counter:

When it was our turn to order, we asked the staff person whether he would recommend the ham and cheese morning bun or the chorizo potato turnover.  Without any hesitation, he made a face and told us he didn't like the turnover, so the morning bun for sure.

Alright then.  Morning bun ($4.50) it was:

There was no point in asking about the ginger pull-apart ($3.85) because we were certain we wanted it:

Buttery and flaky deliciousness.  Both of them.  The candied ginger bits in the pull-apart were especially delightful.

It was obvious that Neighbor Bakehouse is a popular nei…

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