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New York: Shanghai You Garden Dumpling House

We started off our first full day in New York by heading directly to Shanghai You Garden Dumpling House in Flushing:

We got there bright and early and were seated right away:

Can't have a Chinese breakfast without hot soy milk ($1.75):

So cheap!  And it was more than enough for the four of us.

Abby and I wanted pan fried pork buns ($7.50) because we're obsessed with them:

We also can't turn down a good scallion pancake with sliced beef ($5.75):

The scallion pancake at Shanghai You Garden was fried and puffy and super delicious.

I was curious about the turnip puffs ($4.75):

But I regretted it after they arrived on the table.  So dry.

The best part of the entire meal were the soup dumplings:

Because they were FREE.  Yes!  Free with Yelp check in!  That's a $6.50 value...for FREE.

I don't even remember how they tasted because I was so pleased with them being free.  They must have been good though, because T and CV went back by themselves a few days later for more.


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