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Chicago: Fruitmania

When I found out that the annual New Americans Campaign conference was going to be in Chicago at the end of April, I jumped at the chance to see my old Chitown buddies again.  I flew into Chicago Wednesday night and CK was kind enough to pick me up at the airport. 

My flight was scheduled to land at 7:30pm and anticipating some delays, CK made dinner reservations for us at 9:00pm.  Little did she know that my plane would arrive early and that I would zip through the airport with only my backpack on my back. 

To kill time before our reservations, we had a pre-dinner snack.  Classic CK move.  She introduced me to Fruitmania, which is super close to her house:

We squeezed in just before they closed at 8:00pm.  The place was tiny and basically consisted of a counter and some stools:

CK wanted me to try the bionico ($6.50), which we ate while sitting in the car:

The tray of mango, honeydew, cantaloupe, and strawberries came topped with granola, honey, and condensed milk. 

I liked it...b…

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