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San Francisco: Aria Korean Tapas

Abby saw a photo of Aria Korean Tapas on Instagram and was desperate to try it.  The perfect opportunity arose after a naturalization workshop in the city on a Saturday.  As usual, I dragged my whole family to volunteer.  Since I get paid to work the workshops and they don't, I usually have to bribe them with food.

Well, Abby's the only one who needs bribing.  My parents actually enjoy volunteering.  Probably because all of my colleagues love them and always ask if they're going (even when I tell them I'll be vacation and can't make it).

The workshop ended a bit early for once and Aria wasn't open yet when we arrived.  There was a line already outside though:

On weekdays, Aria is open all day, but on Saturdays, they break from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.  On Sundays, they're closed.

We were the fourth party in when they finally opened.  We walked inside to find the tiniest restaurant ever:

It was basically a kitchen with counter seating on the side that fit around s…

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