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South Bay: Vung Tau II

CL's birthday was back in April, but due to my office's big move and her crazy work schedule, we weren't able to meet up until earlier this month.  She happened to be down in the South Bay to look for a bicycle with her boyfriend and I told her to just swing by my house afterward.  Her brother HL, who also happened to be running an errand in the South Bay, also came over.

We ended up hanging out for a bit until we were hungry enough for dinner.  A few ideas were thrown around and in the end, we decided on Vung Tau II:

I'd been to Vung Tau before, but the one in downtown San Jose.  I didn't even know that there was a second location in Milpitas.  According to HL, Vung Tau II is cheaper than the original one downtown.  I'm all about cheaper.

We started with a jelly fish, shrimp, and pork salad ($13.95):

It came with crispy shrimp chips:

It was my favorite of the evening.  The salad as a whole was light and tangy, but the pork strips added a welcome meaty element.

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