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South Bay: 111 Bakery & Deli

111 Bakery & Deli was a relatively new discovery for me, but apparently everybody else in the area has known that it's the place to go for banh mi for eons.  Even my own sister and mother  knew and they never told me.  Thanks a lot, guys.

It first got on my radar when T brought banh mi for us to have on the flight to Iceland back in March.  We actually went together before going cherry picking in June and it was then that I found something that I loved even more than the banh mi.

Anyway, better late than never right?  And unlike my friends and my own flesh and blood, I share good things with others. 

In October, my sister had to go down to SoCal for a scholarship award ceremony.  I seized the chance to take a mini vacay and cajoled CK into coming from Chicago to join us.  (It didn't take much to convince her.)  We left our house at the crack of dawn and made a detour to 111 Bakery before hitting the road:

111 Bakery has a huge array of Asian baked goods:

But at the very b…

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