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San Francisco: Kusina Ni Tess

The American Immigration Lawyers Association conference this summer happened to take place in San Francisco, which was super convenient for me as I really needed the CLE credits.  The most fun part of the conference was figuring out where to eat for lunch with some of my favorite immigration ladies.

On the first day, a group of us went to Halal Guys around the corner.  On the second day, VG, NW, and I found this little hole in the wall across the street from the hotel where the conference was held:

Kusina Ni Tess turned out to be this little Filipino joint that consisted of a cafeteria-style counter and a couple tables:

You just look down and point at what seems to be the most delicious:

As VG is Filipina and thus an expert on Filipino cuisine, we let her do all the ordering.

I'd never even heard of a tortang talong ($4.50) before:

Essentially an eggplant omelette, the peeled eggplant is dipped in eggs and fried into this simple yet delicious side.

My absolute favorite discovery w…

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