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Los Angeles: OneZo

While we were in San Gabriel Valley, it didn't make sense not to get pearl tea.  Abby already had OneZo in mind, so there we went:

I'd never heard of OneZo.  However, once I learned that they make their own boba in different flavors and all in-house, I was all aboard.  Unfortunately, they weren't making any boba that day (there's a side room with windows through which you can watch the magic in action), but that didn't stop all the people from getting their pearl tea fix:

Abby ordered the milk tea with OneZo boba ($5.49 for a large), while I got the bamboo charcoal latte with black sesame boba ($5.49 for a large). 

The bamboo charcoal latte comes in beautiful black and white layers.  At least it is supposed to.  Because I ordered it without ice, as I typically do, the layers disappeared into this solid grey:

Hercules level of DISAPPOINTED.  The bamboo charcoal latte itself wasn't super memorable, but the sesame boba tasted exactly as it sesame.  T…

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