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Philippines: Sascha's Resort

The one thing we all wanted to do in the Philippines was to go swimming with whale sharks.  We woke up before the sun to make it happen and while we were still somewhat asleep as we registered and paid the fees, we quickly snapped awake when we saw the bazillion people already waiting on the beach for their turn.

The experience itself was over fairly quickly and before we knew it, we were back at our hotel, Sascha's Resort:

Having already checked out, we ordered breakfast in their restaurant while waiting for our ride to our next destination.

We got the fried pork with rice (P 200 / $3.96):

The pork adobo (P 200):

The chicken adobo (P 200):

Both of which also came with rice and an egg:

And last but not least, the fried bangus (P 200):

Each entree came with a drink.  Everyone else ordered coffee, but I got some kind of watered down juice:

The food wasn't mind blowing, but it was decent and very filling.  Certainly can't fault Sascha's Resort for their portion sizes.  Or…

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