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Chicago: Seafood City

The best kind of vacation is where you don't do anything but hang with friends and eat.  After watching Ali Wong's second special on Netflix, it took some effort to haul ourselves off the couch and out the door. 

For a late lunch, CK brought us to Seafood City:

A Filipino supermarket, Seafood City also includes an awesome food court:

With so many options to choose from, we didn't know where to start.  We approached the furthest stall, Crispy Town, first.  CK asked if we could sample some of the offerings.  To my surprise, the nice young man behind the counter whipped out tiny plastic cups and started scooping out whatever we wanted to try:

Ultimately, we decided on pairing lechon with bagnet sisig ($8.99):

The lechon or roast pork was juicy and so, so tender while the skin was perfectly crispy.  The bagnet sisig was this sour pork dish that was slightly spicy and delicious with rice.

As if that wasn't enough pork, from Grill City at the other end of the food court, we …

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