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Tri-City: Din Ding Dumpling House

My family tried to go to Din Ding Dumpling House with a family friend once, but the wait was so long that we gave up and went elsewhere.  Intrigued, my mother, sister, and I tried again by ourselves.  This time, the wait wasn't as bad:

It was still packed inside though:

We couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about.

The meal started off with a complimentary cold cucumber and peanut dish:

Not bad, but nothing spectacular either.

We ordered the green bean cold vermicelli with spicy sauce ($4.95), which is one of my sister's favorite dishes:

But it completely fell flat.  Despite the chili oil, the green bean jelly itself was extremely bland.

The zhajiang noodle ($9.95) wasn't that much better:

The noodles were a bit on the mushy side.

Even the shrimp and pork wonton with spicy sauce ($7.50), another favorite of ours, was completely lackluster:

The pork xiaolongbao ($8.50) was decent, however:

What really saved the meal was the deep fried rice cake with red bean fil…

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