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Greece: Yogi

If you're traveling in Greece on a budget, you won't find a cheaper meal than at a gyro joint.  Yogi is located right across from the main square in Fira and luckily for us, it was open during off season:

After a morning of exploring the Akrotiri area, a gyro lunch sounded like just what we needed.  All the other tourists on the island seemed to agree:

After placing our order at the cashier, we dropped off our receipts on the counter next to it and then stepped back to enjoy the view into the open kitchen:

Once our number was called, we stepped back to the counter to let the gyro man know exactly what we wanted in our wraps:

We ordered the gyro pork (2.50€), the gyro chicken (2.60€), and the gyro lamb doner (2.90€).  So cheap!  And so delicious.

We also got tzatziki sauce (3€) on the side:

My sister is now a huge fan of tzatziki.  The yogurt is just so creamy and the cucumber so refreshing.  The tzatziki at Yogi was super delicious and paired perfectly with the souvlaki (essen…

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