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New Orleans: Cafe du Monde

With some time to kill before our dinner reservations, we found ourselves browsing through a nearby mall in which we inadvertently stumbled across a Cafe du Monde:

We could've resisted and waited until we went to the original location in the French Market, but where's the fun in that?  My sister the powdered sugar fiend certainly wasn't about to say no to getting beignets (3 for $2.73) more than once:

In fact, we went to the original Cafe du Monde the very next day

At nearly noon on a Wednesday, there was absolutely no wait for a table:

One of the things we noticed right away was that 97% of the servers were Vietnamese.  Loved it.  It brought us right back to the Bay. 

My sister and CK both got a cafe au lait.  While I typically don't drink coffee, I couldn't go all the way to Cafe du Monde and not order one.  I figured a frozen cafe au lait ($5) would be close enough:

Of course we got more beignets (also 3 for $2.73).  We ended up getting two orders for the three…

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