Los Angeles: O Dae San

After kidnapping the Chang sister, the four of us spent most of the afternoon in the car getting to and from Laguna Beach, but we did manage to squeeze in two hours at the beach before slowly (i.e. painfully) making our way to K-Town for dinner at O Dae San:

Turns out we entered through the back door.  Oops.

The first floor was completely filled, so we were directed up the stairs:

Just seeing the grill and the panchan got me really excited:

I stayed away from the salad, but I particularly liked the thin rice noodle roll sheets you see there at the bottom.  I've never had that in Korean barbecue before.  I've always been a rice noodle gal, so wrapping meat in it is right up my alley.  It's official.  I love LA.

Perhaps more impressive than the rice noodle is the MEAT PLATTER:

We weren't all the hungry, so we chose the $11.99 all you can eat option over the $16.99 one.  That meant only three cuts of meat (pork belly, pork brisket, and beef brisket), which was more than enough for us:

The four of us only managed to get through two plates of meat.  Halfway through the second plate we started battling for the tongs so that we could have an excuse to stop eating.

We did try to ask for more mushrooms, but apparently you only get one serving.  Additional servings of mushroom cost money.  (What the freak?  I guess all you can eat mushrooms would put O Dae San out of business.)

Besides panchan and meat, steamed egg was also part of the package:

As was a kimchi jun (pancake):

Outside of Korea, K-Town is probably the only place where you can find all you can eat barbecue at such a cheap price.  (According to the menu, lunch is $9.99.  Holy moly!)

I can't speak on how O Dae San compares to all the other all you can eat barbecue places in LA, but I can say that all four of us left with food comas.


O Dae San
2889 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 383-9800


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