San Francisco: The Plant Cafe Organic

The Plant was voted as having the best veggie burger in the Bay by readers of the Eater SF, so my best friend was eager to check it out.  We agreed to meet at the Pier 3 location last Thursday for dinner in part to celebrate her new job offer and in part just to catch up on each other's lives.

I never noticed, but The Plant actually has a restaurant across from a cafe at Pier 3:

We went into the restaurant (more food options served there):

Our meal began with crostini with apricot and arugula:

The arugula was liberally salted, which made it really appealing to me, but neither my best friend nor I really enjoyed the apricot.

My best friend was distracted away from the veggie burger by the pistachio and cornmeal encrusted tempeh.  Neither of us had ever tried tempeh, so in the spirit of trying something new, we decided to give it a go:

It came layered on a bed of quinoa and caramelized fennel, baby carrot, and roasted pepper, and served with a spicy cucumber sauce.

I learned something that night.  I do NOT like tempeh.  There's just something off-putting to me about the flavor.  I took a few bites before I gave up on it altogether.  The quinoa was also disappointed.  Both it and the veggies just tasted like...oil.  The only saving grace of the entire dish was the sauce, which was light and refreshing.

The wild mushroom pizza was much better:

Since we were celebrating, we ordered the TCHO chocolate cake:

It was essentially a lava cake with Blue Bottle coffee ice cream and almond-cocoa nib tuile.  Wasn't too impressed with the cake, but the ice cream was rich and creamy.

Overall, not my favorite meal in SF, but the service was great and the atmosphere too.  Maybe we should've stuck to the original plan and ordered the veggie burger...

The Plant Cafe Organic
Pier 3, Suite 108
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 984-1973


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