South Bay: John's of Willow Glen

I accompanied my mom to her last sewing class and got dinner out in compensation.  Neither of us were really familiar with that particular part of San Jose, so we decided to stick close to the sewing store.  John's happened to be just a few doors down:

It seemed like quite the community hotspot:

John's serves up Greek and American cuisine.  I really wanted to try out the Greek menu, but the only thing remotely Greek we ended up getting was the Greek lemon soup:

We had 40 minutes before my mom's class began, so we figured sandwiches would make the quickest meal.  I ordered the grilled eggplant sandwich:

The grilled sourdough was perfectly crisp and the roasted red peppers added a sweetness to the eggplant and swiss cheese.

My mom wanted to try the mushroom burger:

Decent burger.  My mom certainly enjoyed it.  (She still talks about it.)

My mom had to eat and run in order to make it to her class on time, but I stayed behind and finished the meal at my own pace.  Apparently it was a week for bill mishaps because when I paid the bill and got my change, 20 bucks was missing.  Definitely not my fault this time.  The server was very nice and everything got sorted out with no fuss at all.

Sewing class ended up being rather interesting (I learned some new terminology and sewing machine tricks), but toward the end, I was itching to leave.  Thank goodness class let out early.  I don't think I would've lasted much longer.

John's of Willow Glen
1238 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 998-1440


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