Los Angeles: Half & Half Tea House

After we picked up our car from T's friend's house, we made a pit stop at Half & Half Tea House for some much needed refreshment:

The first thing I noticed was the font on the storefront.  Disney?  Really?

Okay, so I may be a bit of a font snob, but does anyone else agree with me that this interior could have been better designed to create more space for tables?:

Besides two tables outside, there were only three tiny tables inside by the front door.  Not very hangout friendly.

However, the drinks more than made up for that:

T and I had a long discussion about the cup.  Yes, it was short and squat and kinda cute...but did we like it?  Was it too inconvenient?

Our final conclusion?  Still up in the air.  The cup was a tad unwieldy, but it still managed to fit in the car's cup holders.  What's more important is what was inside.

My sister ordered the almond milk tea with pearls...oh, excuse me, I meant to say BOBA.  (When in Rome...)  I'm not an almond fan, so I couldn't take more than a sip, which goes to show how strong the almond flavor was.  The tapioca was also spot on.  My own drink was a ginger black tea.  As with the almond milk tea, the ginger flavor was amazingly strong.  Even the ice couldn't dilute it.  I left my tea in the car when we went out for dinner and it still tasted relatively the same at the end of the night.  Bonus points for that.

Props to you, Half & Half.  I'll overlook your Disney font if you keep making your drinks the way you do.

Half & Half Tea House
141 N Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 872-0200


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