South Bay: Lawrence Plaza Food Court

My mom wanted to eat at the Lawrence Plaza Food Court last Sunday after church.  Who were we to deny my mother her food request?:

The food court is entirely Korean:

Instead of selecting one station, the four of us split up and scavenged for our own food.

I wanted jajangmyeon:

The sauce was a tad bland, but the noodles were super Q (and GREEN!):

My ahyi went to the same station as I did (copycat), but she ordered the jajangmyeon and potstickers combo:

Meanwhile, my sister decided to challenge rabokki and see if she could take the heat this time around:

She couldn't.

My mom wanted tofu:

As with typical food courts, the food at Lawrence Plaza isn't exactly spectacular, but it's decent and there's certainly quite a lot to choose from.

I don't know why I keep getting Korean food when I'm a month away from actually going to Korea...

Lawrence Plaza Food Court
3561 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051


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