South Bay: Fiorillo's

After a long day at Napa, we picked up my mom at home and brought my dad's guests to Fiorillo's for dinner:

I'd never been before, but my dad had eaten there a few times previously when some business clients came to town.  Fiorillo's is apparently a family-owned restaurant (as evidenced by the impressive display of family photos at the entrance).  The interior is quite spacious:

The menu was very daunting, especially since I had to translate everything into Chinese for my father's business partner and his friends.  Even more daunting was the seemingly endless list of specials that our server rattled off without taking a breath.  I managed to break everything down into type of meat, then type of pasta, and finally type of sauce.  Whew.  Thankfully, our server was very patient and we survived the ordering  process.

We were first brought a plate of breadsticks:

Then came the crab-stuffed mushroom caps that our server recommended:

My dad was a big fan of the fried calamari:

We'd thought that the breadsticks were our free carb of the meal, but we were wrong.  After our appetizers came out, we were presented with baskets of bread:

Much softer and yummier than the breadsticks.

For her entree, my mom wanted to try the linguine and clams in white clam sauce:

Whereas my dad wanted the seafood milano, which came with bay shrimp, crab, and baby clams in white sauce over linguine:

I took the prawns in pesto over linguine route:

The pastas were all very rich and very tasty, but I could barely finish half of my plate.  Old age is getting to me.

Overall, a great way to end a long, long day.  Even though I missed out on Pride in SF, I did get treated to two great meals, got to spend some time catching up with my dad, and got to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery of the wine country.  It could have been worse.

638 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 984-0414


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