San Francisco: D&A Cafe

When we went to Burma Superstar, we passed by D&A Cafe, which my Chicago friend told me she heard was a cheap and authentic Chinese restaurant:

A quick peek inside convinced AF and I of this, as the entire restaurant was filled with Chinese people.  Nobody knows good, cheap Chinese food like Chinese people.

So when AF asked me last week if I wanted to meet up for dinner at D&A, I didn't even have to think about it.  And when she told me that we could get happy hour prices if we ordered before 6:00pm, I made sure to take off from work a few minutes early so that I could hop on the earliest bus possible.  Food is that important, yo.

When we got to D&A, the restaurant was moderately filled with people:

Mostly Asian.

Happy hour occurs 3 times a day at D&A: 8-11am, 3-6pm, and 10pm-1am.  If you go during those times, you get to order off the special happy hour menu where dishes are either $2.75, $3.28, or $4.28.  Oh, yea.  Given those prices, can anyone blame us for going a bit crazy?

Brace yourselves.  Here's what we ordered that night.

Beef stew fun soup ($2.75):

Spicy beef tendon ($3.28):

I'd never had sliced tendon like that before.  While good, I think I still prefer my tendon in large, buttery chunks.

Curry fish ball and pig's skin ($2.75):

Definitely my least favorite of the night.  The curry was totally bland and the pork skin was...soggy.  According to AF, that's how a lot of Cantonese people eat it, but I like my pork skin roasted and crisp.

Fried pig's intestine ($3.28):

Oh, fried intestine, it's been too long since I last had you in my tummy.  Thank you, D&A, for satisfying my deepest craving.

We originally stopped there.  But after the food arrived and we found that we still had some time before 6:00 rolled around, we ignored all the warning bells that went off in our heads and ordered 2 more dishes.

There was the fried squid ($2.75):

Kinda like a McDonald chicken nugget, but with squid.  Freshly fried and oh so good.

And the fried chicken wing ($2.75):

I think we ordered the wrong one.  There was a $4.28 salt & pepper chicken wing, but we thought the $2.75 one was just a smaller portion of it.  Still good, but not what we expected.  Plus, I was so stuffed by then that I couldn't do more than pick at it.

We also got an iced lemon tea and an iced milk tea for $1.38 each:

As expected, while the food was good, it wasn't exceptional.  But at those prices...who cares?  Super cheap, decent food, lots of fried options...basically a recipe for happiness.

Not that I was in a happy mood by the end of our meal.  We surreptitiously checked the tables around us and no joke...the two of us ate more than a table of 3 old men as well as a table of 4 young guys.  AF and I were BEASTLY that night.  I was in PAIN when we walked out the door.

I really need to learn to listen to those warning bells...

D&A Cafe
407 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 668-7882


  1. you went, that's great! :D yeah sorry if it wasn't super, but at least cheap like you said!


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