San Francisco: Off the Grid (UN Plaza)

I was sent to the UC Hastings Law Library for a few days to do some research.  It was on one such trip that I discovered that Off the Grid has trucks out on UN Plaza on Thursdays:

It was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  After a quick perusal of the trucks and their offerings, I finally to grace Senor Sisig with my patronage:

Senor Sisig is the Filipino take on the Asian-Mexican fusion trend.

I was really curious about the California sisig burrito (there's french fries in it!), but was sidetracked by the daily special sign posted on the window.  Filipino sweet pork with adobo garlic rice, fried egg, and fresh tomato?  Count me in!  Here's the "Tosilog" burrito:

So pretty:

My first bite was all rice, but my second bite hit the jackpot.  Sweet, succulent pork, come to mama!  The egg yolk was the perfect consistency for a burrito, slightly runny, but not enough to make a dribbly mess.

I was really pleased with my choice, but in retrospect, a huge burrito probably wasn't the best way to start off a long afternoon in the library.

Hefty lunch + quiet library + 123 volumes of Labor Arbitration Records = sleepy me.

So not conducive to productivity.

Off the Grid
UN Plaza

Senor Sisig


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