Napa: Solbar

Last weekend, I missed the Pride Parade in SF and was instead guilt-tripped into accompanying my father on a trip to Napa with his former business partner and two of his friends.  My dad acted as chauffeur and I as trip planner and translator extraordinaire.  If his business partner hadn't promised to treat us to lunch, I would've thrown a hissy fit and stayed to watch the Pride festivities.  Okay, fine.  I still would've gone.  Damn my Chinese upbringing.  Why can't being filial mean choosing the fun option?

I was instructed to book wine tastings at three wineries.  Thanks to my super skills, our day was perfectly packed from 10:00am to 5:00pm.  Lunch was left completely to me (as long as I stayed under $50 per person), so in-between winery one and winery two, I made reservations at Solbar:

Despite being located in a resort, Solbar is open to all.

The ideal California summer weather made it a perfect day to eat outside:

The patio seating was located right next to the swimming pool, which sucked because I wanted nothing more than to jump into the water.

The basket of bread was lovely:

I always appreciate good bread.  And you know it's good when it doesn't need butter.

I knew going in that I wanted the crispy softshell crab po'boy:

Besides the crab, there was bacon, charred onions, spicy green goddess dressing, and shredded bibb lettuce:

All the different components came together like magic.

My dad went with the seared yellowfin tuna burger:

The griddled steam bun was an interesting touch, as was the kimchi:

To complete the Asian theme, the burger was paired with a marinated tofu and edamame salad.

My dad's former business partner and one of his friends ordered the mesquite-smoked babyback rib sandwich with sweet potato chips:

The other gentleman ordered the crispy California halibut tacos:

Everyone was pleased with their meal.  Go me!

Solbar is Michelin starred, yet incredibly affordable.

Not quite French Laundry, but I'm working my way up. Slowly.

Solage Hotel
755 Silverado Trail
Calistoga, CA 94515
(707) 226-0850


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