San Francisco: Devil's Teeth Baking Company

After Mama's, AF and I took a little detour to the mall before setting off for Devil's Teeth Baking Company for their beignet Sundays:

That little detour for sunglasses cost us our beignets!  We found out to our horror that they'd run out of beignets a little over an hour before we got there.  Apparently, that was the first Sunday that'd ever happened.  Uh huh.  Of all the luck...

The setup at Devil's Teeth is very simple:

Open kitchen, display case, and a couple of counter seats lining the window.

Beignets were out of the question, so we asked the staff what the most popular item was.  To our surprise, the guy serving us said that the most popular item, in his opinion, was not the best-tasting one.  Well, okay then.  Since we made that huge trek out to the Outer Sunset, we wanted nothing less than the best-tasting thing they had to offer.  The guy suggested either the cheesecake or the carrot cake.

We went with the carrot cake:

I hadn't had carrot care in so long that I'd forgotten how delicious it could be.  The cake was a single thin layer, which was great for a multitude of reasons: 1) the cake was super moist, 2) perfect frosting to cake ratio, and 3) just enough cake to satisfy without being too much.

The most appealing part about Devil's Teeth Baking Company is its friendly, laid back atmosphere.  The staff are all incredibly nice and told us that we could sample anything we wanted.  What other bakery lets people pick what they want to sample?  Also, Devil's Teeth provides chalk for kids to have at it on the sidewalk.  They're even thinking of installing a sandbox!  

The Outer Sunset can be a bit of a trek, but there's a lot in the area that's worth exploring, Devil's Teeth Baking Company included.

Devil's Teeth Baking Company
3876 Noreiga St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 683-5533


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