San Francisco: Straw

Ever since AF sent me a SF burger list, I've been wanting to go to Straw.  We kept putting it off, hoping that another Berkeley friend of ours would be able to make it into the city and join us sometime.  Unfortunately, we were running out of time and it simply didn't look like it was going to happen.

So AF and I went to Straw by ourselves for our 2nd dinner:

Straw is designed around a carnival theme, which thankfully doesn't translate to clowns all over the place:

Not sure how goldfish fit into the theme (maybe kettle corn would have been more fitting?), but I certainly never turn down goldfish crackers:

Here's the reason why Straw was even on our radar in the first place:

The ringmaster is a...prepare yourself...DONUT BURGER.  Can anyone say Paula Deen?  Sounds scary, but it really wasn't at all.  Unlike the glazed confection I was imagining, the donut wasn't particularly sweet.  It tasted...rather like a normal burger with a slightly different bun.  Kinda disappointing actually.

The mac attack was quite good though:

It was basically elbow macaroni doused in creamy cheese sauce and topped with apple cubes and maple glazed bacon.  It was cheesy without being overpowering and the apple added a nice contrast in both flavor and texture.

AF was really excited about the inverted root beer float:

Instead of the traditional root beer float, the "inverted" version is a marriage of cream soda and root beer gelato.  I'm personally not a lover of root beer (unlike my sister), but I loved the root beer gelato.  Combined with the cream soda, the resulting concoction was much creamier and smoother than a regular old root beer float.

The service was rather...okay, very slow, but they did seem understaffed.  (The hostess somehow ended up in the kitchen plating all the dishes.)  Other than that, Straw is quirky and fun and definitely worth a trip.

203 Octavia Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 431-3663


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