San Francisco: San Tung Restuarant

AF and I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon walking around Golden Gate Park.  We sat under the windmill, speculated where people would dump bodies, tried to spot the elusive bison...and then jumped on a bus to get to the other end of the park.  What?  Golden Gate Park is huge!

Due to some delays, what was originally planned to be an afternoon snack turned out to be dinner #1.  Since we were in the area, we really couldn't miss the opportunity to check out San Tung Restaurant:

The place was packed.  Ridiculously so.  We gamely wrote AF's name on the small whiteboard and prepared ourselves for a long wait.

It actually wasn't all that bad.  We got in within the hour:

I was a little surprised by the kimchi:

The red chili flakes were rather deadly.  At least for weaksauce like me.

I felt bad just ordering one entree, so we decided on a plate of pork dumplings since the sign on the window advertised San Tung Restaurant as the "king of dumplings.":

I don't usually like to order dumplings or potstickers in Chinese restaurants, because they're both  pretty basic stuff that you can make at home (with better ingredients).  I have to admit though, these were pretty decent dumplings.

This shot is pre-vinegar (I like to pour vinegar directly into the dumpling):

What San Tung Restaurant is really famous for, however, is their fried chicken.  There are two types, dry and wet.  We ordered dry...but it came rather wet:

If that's dry, I wonder what wet looks like.  Anyway, it was SPECTACULAR.  The sauce was sweet and sour and finger-licking good.  Really.  The chicken itself was super crispy on the outside, but juicy inside.

For the chicken you can choose between "diced" and wings.  Wings, all the way.  What's better than gnawing meat off the bone?  The meat is way juicier that way.  The diced chicken we saw on neighboring tables just looked wimpy in comparison.

Worth the wait?  I think so.  I would also come with more people to sample more things.  Not going to lie, the potstickers I saw being brought to other tables looked plump and super legit.  I'm salivating just thinking about them...

San Tung Restaurant
1031 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 242-0828


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