San Francisco: House of Prime Rib

My ahyi had been asking whether or not I'd be interested in checking out NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences for weeks.  We finally settled on a day and thinking that tickets would be 12 bucks, I let her book them for AF and me.  I didn't even know there was a VIP option until after my ahyi texted to tell me that she'd got them.  $59 dollars a person?!  Holy smokes.  I figured I'd get her back by treating her to dinner.

For $59, I was really expecting the royal treatment at NightLife.  Instead, drinks were anything but free (even non-alcoholic ones) and only a tray of sandwiches was provided to appease us.

Still hungry at the end of the night, the three of us prowled the streets of SF for food.  Without my trusty Google map, the only place I could think of was House of Prime Rib:

It was around 9:30 by the time we got there, but the place was still bustling:

You know you're in a swanky restaurant when they stab the knife into your bread:

Sadly, the bread was a little lackluster for the caliber of the establishment.

So was the salad:

The salad was tossed table-side and while it was cool to watch, it didn't taste all that great.

A server came by with a basket of cornbread:


What I did love, however, was the giant submarine-looking cart that delivered the meat to our table:

I ordered the House of Prime Rib cut, which came with two sides, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes:

There were also 3 different kinds of horseradish sauce:

I got to try Yorkshire pudding for the first time:

Not really what I'd expected, but it was quite buttery, which was a plus.

Given the $30+ price of each prime rib, I thought that dessert would be included.  It wasn't.

Because it was AF's birthday, we forced her to choose a cake.  She went with the fantasy cake, which was half cheesecake, half chocolate cake:

Here's where I screwed up.  We told our server that it was AF's birthday, so the cake came complete with a lit candle and a trio of birthday song singers.  Amidst all the clapping, singing, and picture taking, I failed to see my ahyi HAND HER CREDIT CARD TO OUR SERVER.  When our server came back with the bill, I tried to make a grab for it, only to notice that there was already a credit card tucked inside.

Both AF and I were struck dumb.  I can't believed I was foiled by my ahyi not once, but TWICE!  I have brought shame to my honorable family name!

I couldn't sleep well that night.  Or the next night.

Just you wait, ahyi.  I'll get you back.  The pride of the Wangs demands retribution.

On that note, House of Prime Rib was a bit of a letdown.  The prime rib was amazing, don't get me wrong.  But that's about all the place had going for it.  Everything else was rather underwhelming.

House of Prime Rib
1906 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 885-4605


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