South Bay: Bamboo Korean BBQ House

I went home for the weekend 2 weeks ago.  After I got picked up from the Fremont Bart station, I immediately texted my ahyi to set my plan for revenge in motion.  With my mom's blessing, of course.  Ahyi accepted my invitation to dinner and we met up at my house before the three of us headed out to Sen Dai for sushi.

I had to resort to Plan B when we saw how crazy packed Sen Dai was.  The parking lot was one big car accident waiting to happen.  Plan B was Bamboo Korean BBQ House, our go-to Korean restaurant.

Can't have Korean without panchan:

Bamboo has a decent variety of panchan, though nothing really stands out.  The servers are pretty good about refilling them too.

We never get BBQ at Bamboo, instead we always order tofu.  Here's the beef tofu:

We wanted it not spicy, but it came mild.  Oh well.  It actually wasn't really all that spicy.

I had a craving for doenjang jjigae:

My Chicago roomie makes the best doenjang jjigae and it's by far my favorite Korean dish that I've been introduced to thus far.  Unfortunately, after having homemade doenjang jjigae, this one just didn't measure up.  It was more watery and had less ingredients.

The seafood pancake, on the other hand, was pretty darn good:

Large pieces of octopus always make me happy.

Bamboo Korean BBQ House may not serve stellar Korean food, but it's close to my house and it does the job.

My mom and I managed to beat my ahyi to the bill, though I suspect she let us win that round.  We may have won that particular battle, but my ahyi is still winning the war.  I haven't thrown in the towel quite yet, so don't let your guard down, Ahyi!

Bamboo Korean BBQ House
260 S Abel St
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 263-6705


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