Berkeley: CREAM

Two Sundays ago (how has time gone by so quickly?), AF and I met up with my middle school friend, T, at Berkeley.  We started off the day at the Thai Temple and then got around to CREAM for some dessert before spending a large chunk of the afternoon napping out on Memorial Glade:

CREAM opened up after I left Berkeley, replacing Beard Papa at the corner of Telegraph and Channing. Apparently CREAM stands for Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.  That's...cute.  I guess.

What's really cute though, is the ice cream sandwich you can get at CREAM:

You get to choose your cookies and your ice cream.  I went with a butter sugar cookie and a turtle cookie and for my ice cream, I decided on coconut.  So good.  Good cookies.  Good ice cream.  And only $2!  In this day and age when ice cream can go for $3 a scoop, a $2 ice cream sandwich is greatly appreciated.

Halfway through my sandwich I came to the realization that I was in effect eating 2 cookies at a ice cream  Way to make me feel like a pig, CREAM.  Thanks.

2399 Telegraph Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 649-1000


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