San Francisco: Suppenkuche

After saying goodbye to my Chicago med school friend at Philz Coffee, AF and I spent the rest of the day walking through the city.  AF wanted to explore Fillmore, so that's where we headed from the Mission.  Little did we know that the Fillmore Jazz Festival would be in full swing when we got off the bus.

We ended up walking through the entire festival, without really stopping to listen to the music or check out the food stands.  So many people!  We found out later that we walked a total of 13 blocks (Jackson to Eddy).  Thank goodness it was all downhill.

Even though we weren't all that hungry, we somehow found ourselves outside of Suppenkuche around dinnertime:

I love the little details in the interior design:

There was quite a range of people, from families to rowdy drinkers.  Suppenkuche is known for its beer, particularly its beer in a boot-shaped glass.  There's 2 liters of beer in that thing!

AF and I weren't there for beer, however.  We were there for the food.  First up was the bread basket:

The bread itself was a little tough, but the butter was delicious!  I ended up spreading it on everything that could remotely go with butter.

Such as the pretzel with Bavarian cheese:

The pretzel was good, but it was the cheese that stole the show.  I was expecting some kind of melted cheese dip, but this was infinitely better.  There was some kind of spice in the cheese ball that gave it the most interesting taste...

I'm also guilty of spreading butter on the potato pancakes:

Freshly fried, exactly how I like my potato pancakes.  The homemade apple sauce really helped to cut into the oily fried taste that accumulated after a couple bites.

We were pretty full by then, but we had yet to work through the main dish!  We ordered the jagerschnitzel at the recommendation of our server:

The sauteed porkloin was nice and tender, though a bit on the salty side.  Being complete noobs to German cuisine, we had to ask our server what spatzle was.  The spatzle by itself was rather bland (like little pieces of limp egg noodle), but with the mushroom sauce it was pretty good.

The most exciting part of our meal was when we heard that some tipsy guy fell and hit his head in the bathroom and the paramedics had to come and carry him out on a stretcher.  The good news was that he was smiling the whole time he was being carried out of the restaurant.

Our server said that this kind of thing doesn't happen very often, but I don't know...those 2-liter boot glasses look pretty crazy...

525 Laguna St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 252-9289


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