San Francisco: El Farolito

AF and I have been talking about trying menudo for the longest time.  A little Internet research led us to El Farolito in the Mission:

Basically your typical taqueria:

Unfortunately, we were misled.  While their online menu included menudo, when we actually arrived at El Farolito, we discovered that the posted menu had a piece of paper covering EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED TO ORDER.  Guh.

Determined to make the most of our trip, we each ordered a taco.  I got the lengua (of course):

AF got the carne asada:

Incredibly disappointed by the menudo fail, but hey, at least we got some good tacos out of it.  (Though I still prefer the lengua tacos from Maxwell Street Market in Chicago.)

If I had more stomach space, I definitely would have tried a burrito or a quesadilla.  A man sitting at the table next to us had a burrito and it looked goooood.  But since we had actual dinner plans after El Farolito, the tacos were the most we were willing take in.  Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself regarding how much food your stomach can actually handle...even if you want to eat everything.

El Farolito
2779 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-7877


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