Taiwan: Taiwan's First Popcorn Chicken

Before my grandparents moved to Danshui, they used to live in Beitou. When we visited, my nightly manga rental runs would take me past the Beitou market, where I would get iced black tea and stop at this particular stand:

Everything on this stand is fried fresh to order. You can choose from popcorn chicken, squid, veggies, tempura, and a variety of other good stuff.

This is where I fell in love with chicken butt:

People always give me a strange look when I say my favorite thing to eat in Taiwan is chicken butt. Haters. Don't judge until you've tried it. The chicken skin...the fat...mmmm....

My second favorite is chicken heart:

Okay, laugh if you want but the best onion rings ever can be found here:

We used to go so often that the lady began to recognize us. We could be gone 3 years and she would greet us with a "So you're back to visit again?" We could get haircuts and she would still know us. She has to be one of the most efficient people I've ever known. The line is always long, so people put what they want into the baskets and leave the baskets along the top. She remembers which basket belongs to whom, if they want it spicy or not, and spits out prices like a machine gun. Even though my grandparents moved to Danshui, it's become tradition to visit this stand at least once everytime we're back in Taiwan.



  1. Good to finally the source of the depth of your love for chicken butt! I'm amazed that this lady could recognize you after time away!


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