Taiwan: Shilin Night Market

Last night I met up with a Chicago classmate also interning in Taiwan and finally made a trip to Shilin night market:

When I was a kid, the Shilin night market used to be all outdoors, but because of sanitary concerns, it was moved inside a huge building quite a few years back. This place is a major tourist attraction in Taipei. It is always packed. Walking through takes some shoving and weaving skills:

One of the basic Taiwanese night market dish is the oyster omelette:

Check out that beauty:

The oyster omelette consists of small oysters, egg, and lettuce in a glutinous batter. The sauce differs depending on the region, but it is typically tangy sweet.

The night market isn't limited to what's inside the building. The adjacent streets are filled with little shops and food stands:

I found this tiny little stand that sells grilled beef wrapped around green onion:

Each piece is 10 NT, which is around 33 cents:

Smoky from the grill, with a slightly sweet glaze...just beware of the hidden toothpick inside.

After some shopping, we made one last stop inside the Shilin building for this:

This "big sausage wrapping small sausage" is quite a monster:

That's a sausage wrapped in a glutinous rice sausage. Oh yea. I love Taiwanese sausages because they are slightly sweet and a little bit fatty.

Shilin night market isn't a one night excursion. It takes multiple trips to explore every cranny and sample every stall. I'm not sure it's even possible to try every food stand in a summer, but I'm up for the challenge. Next time, I'm going to tackle the long line for the fried chicken cutlet. I've promised myself that I won't leave Taiwan this summer without trying it.


  1. Omgsh Amy this makes me miss our adventures searching for chicken butt. I hope you're doing well and eating toonnsss! :D


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