South Bay: Black Bear Diner

When my parents asked me what I wanted to eat for my first meal back in the States, I only had one request.  Burger.  Please.

So we called up my ahyi and got to looking up the closest burger joints that weren't fast food chains.  Not that I would've minded some Carl's Jr or even some McDonald's, but my parents weren't too keen on that.

Then my mom remembered that Black Bear Diner had just opened up in Milpitas, so we decided to give it a go:

The diner was clearly bear themed (no surprise there):

The newspaper menu was rather cute:

Despite the huge menu selection, I stuck to my guns and ordered the old fashioned burger basket combo:

And just to treat myself, I added a strawberry milkshake to my burger basket:

It was like getting two milkshakes for the price of one!  I love it when they give you the extra.  Don't even get me started on Jamba Juice employees who don't fill your cup even though there is obviously still a lot more left in the blender.  Ugh.

My ahyi ordered the tri-tip scramble with mushroom and jack cheese:

While my mom went for the California omelette with avocado, mushroom, and jack cheese:

My dad went the fancier route by ordering the herb and garlic crusted trout:

We added an order of onion rings to split:

Decent food.  Nothing too crazy or spectacular, but it did the trick.

One burger craving: satisfied.

Black Bear Diner
174 W Calaveras Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 946-2327


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