Korea: Neseorak Gwangjang

Our final meal with the tour came after an excursion up Seoraksan.  While the mountain was gorgeous, the rain made the trek very slippery.  Thank goodness we went partway via cable car.  But too bad it was too foggy to see anything up there.

Anyway, we stopped at Neseorak Gwangjang for lunch before heading toward Seoul:

Neseorak Gwangjang is a rest stop kind of joint with a food court (as usual):

Parade of panchan as always:

My favorite panchan was actually this eggplant one that was brought out later in the meal.  Sooooo yummy.  Wish I'd gotten a picture of it.

The doenjang jjigae was supposed to be extra special because the doenjang was made in-house and is slightly different from the typical doenjang:

What was really special was the fish:

The fish was actually dried and then rehydrated before cooking.  The sauce was a little spicy and a little sweet and I enjoyed it very much.  The texture of the fish itself took some getting used to.  It was similar to the texture of tripe.  Kinda spongy.  Very interesting.

After lunch the tour bus drove straight to Seoul.  While I was tired of being cooped up in a bus, I was a bit sad to see it go.  Perhaps the food wasn't always the best, but I had some good times on that tour.  Ah, the memories.

강원 인제군 북면 한계리 1026-1번지


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