Chicago: The Southern Mac and Cheese Store

Over the summer about half of my SSA girls moved out of Chicago.  The few that are left are busy with their new jobs and no longer live around campus, so it's rather difficult to schedule a get together.  I finally caught up with EK and Queen G downtown at The Southern Mac and Cheese Store:

A store entirely devoted to mac and cheese?  Oh boy.  The store actually started as a food truck, which is still out roaming the streets.  But given my last food truck experience in Chicago, I was much happier sitting down in their new storefront.

The three of us each ordered a different mac and cheese so that we could different flavors.  There was the smoked bacon, blue cheese, and mushroom:

The roasted artichoke, spinach, and goat cheese with thyme:

And the truffle infused white cheddar:

I think the general consensus was that the first few bites were good, but halfway through the richness of the mac and cheese really got to us.  More ingredients in the mac and cheese would've gone a long way to cut into that richness.  Also, we wished the mac and cheese was more cheesy instead of creamy.

We all left feeling a bit sick and craving some fruit.

The mac and cheese is good, but if you're anything like us, split one order with a friend and order a salad on the side.  Oh, and flash your student ID if you have one because there's a student discount!

The Southern Mac and Cheese Store
60 E Lake St
Chicago, IL 60601


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