Korea: Pyeongnam Halmeoni Jip Jokbal

One of my food requests in Korea was jokbal (pork trotters).  CK delivered by having her friend take us to Janghung-dong, where there's an entire street dedicated to jokbal.  They're all supposed to be pretty good, so we just picked the one with the cutest grandma photo:

Lots of condiments for your wrapping pleasure:

Besides the cold daikon soup (shown above), there was also this delicious hot soup with bean sprouts:

The main attraction was, of course, the jokbal:

I think it was a small order.  Unimportant.  Tender meat, gelatinous skin...mmm...

Here's my cute little wrap:

Toward the end I was just eating pork without bothering to wrap it.  So good.

We also ordered a pajeon (scallion pancake):

I left Grandma Pyeongnam's restaurant mucho satisfied.  Grandma really knows her stuff.

When you get jokbal, make sure you go with a large enough group of people to split the costs.  A small order of jokbal is gonna cost you $25, a medium order $30, and a large order $35.

평남할머니집 족발
서울 중구 장충동1가 62-26번지


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