Korea: Bubdairo Korean Buffet

When I heard that we were going to another buffet for dinner, I was a little bummed.  But our tour guide assured us that Bubdairo had much better food than the last buffet we went to:

Everyone was a little skeptical, so we looked around first:

One thing was for sure, there were definitely a lot more options than the last place:

Here's what I brought back to the table:

I was quite excited about trying the pork skin, but it turned out to be gummy and hard to chew.  Yea, give me crispy pork skin over this stuff any day.

This was CK's mom's idea of a meal:

Intense, right?

Overall, the food was decent.  But I've figured out what Korean buffets are missing.

Ice cream.  You can't have buffets without ice cream.

217-080 강원 속초시 조양동 1552-2번지외 1필지


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