Korea: Midarae

CK's relatives in Seoul live a walking distance from Hongdae, which is supposedly the hoppin' nightclub area of Seoul.  While clubbing isn't really our cup of tea, we did however, appreciate the artsy boutiques and the fooooooood.

The only problem about places like Hongdae is that there are too many options.  After indecisively walking around for quite a while, we finally just picked a place with a lot of people in it and went in for dinner.  That place turned out to be Midarae:

There's nothing wrong with eating Japanese food in Korea.  Don't judge.

CK's sister got a tonkatsu salad:

While CK ordered some kind of roe rice:

I wanted cheese-stuffed tonkatsu:


Overall, a very satisfying meal.  The highlight of the which being when CK dumped soy sauce into my tonkatsu sauce.


서울 마포구 동교동 163-20


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