Chicago: XOCO (Revisited)

I was only in Chicago for a day before AF dropped by to visit.  She was in Chicago for training and despite having just gotten the keys to my new apartment, I more than welcomed her company.

AF had a list of places she wanted to eat at and XOCO was one of them.  I hadn't been to XOCO in over a year (the first time AF visited), so I figured it was about time for another trip.

As we were scanning the menu and deciding on what we wanted, we noticed a posted sign for iced chocolate with mint.  We had to try it out:

Definitely chocolate-y, but a little too powdery for my tastes.  We also struggled to detect the mint, which was disappointing because the main reason why we ordered the drink in the first place was because the mint was supposedly from Rick Bayless' own garden.

We were curious as to why the ahogada torta is only available dining in.  We immediately understood why the minute we laid eyes on it:

Yea, that would be a bit difficult to pack to go.  The tomato broth was a little spicy, but oh so good with the torta.  The torta by itself with its pork carnitas, black beans, and pickled onions would've made me plenty happy, but with the tomato broth?  Perfection.

We also ordered the pork belly vermicelli:

Pork belly, mushrooms, zucchini, avocado, salsa negra, and what do you know...noodles:

I wasn't a big fan of the noodles (seemed a little undercooked to me), but the pork belly was to die for.  How pork belly can still be crispy after soaking in soup is beyond me.  Mmm....

As if that wasn't enough, we also got three churros:

They tasted like tortilla chips.  No joke.  It's probably because the churros and tortilla chips are fried in the same oil.  Not very pleasant at all.

I think I'll stick to Maxwell Street Market for my churros, but the tortas and caldos at XOCO are still worth the trip

449 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 334-3688


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