Korea: Tteulsarang

On my second to last day in Korea, we left Seoul and headed back to Suwon to give CK and her sister more time with their family.  For dinner, CK's uncles drove us into the boonies to Tteulsarang for an "authentic Korean experience":

Apparently, what that means is a lot of panchan:

So much panchan.  Too much, in fact.  I didn't even get to try every single one of them.  It's all a matter of luck, basically.  Where you sit, where the dishes are placed, and how long your arm is determine what you get to eat.  My favorite was the eggplant and doenjang one (you can sort of see it in the lower left corner).  Our old friend, the dried fish, also showed up for the party.

Besides the panchan, we were brought a pot of doenjang jjigae:

The pot was on the other side of the table, so I couldn't get a picture of you.  You guys will just have to make do with this picture of my individual serving.

Each of us received a stone pot of rice:

I somehow managed to finish all of the rice.  What was left in the pot was made into porridge by pouring water into it:

That was probably the most delicious thing on the table.  The porridge was very fragrant and very comforting.

CK's uncles and her cousins (all guys) told us that this type of meal is popular with women because of how intricate and plentiful the panchan is.  Men, however, prefer less fuss and would very much rather have a large pot of something to eat out of.  I think I eat like a Korean man.  All this nibbling on veggies, while delicious, isn't really by style, ya know?

The next morning, CK's grandmother prepared an over the top breakfast (crab for breakfast?!) as a very sweet farewell.  In the afternoon, I grabbed my suitcase, hopped on a bus, boarded a plane, and left Korea with a giant load of memories to last me a lifetime.

So ends the Korea arc of my posts.  Sad, I know, but more food adventures await in the States!

A big thanks to CK and her family for their overwhelming generosity and love.  Korea 2011!!  Woot woot!!

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