Chicago: 2 Sparrows

Early last Saturday, I met up with Queen G at her new place to help her paint her room.  Our friend KE was kind enough to come with her car to help Queen G transport her new dresser (which almost killed us getting it up the stairs) and then take us to buy paint.  We took a break in-between to get brunch at 2 Sparrows:

Well, technically we were aiming for brunch, but it ended up being more of a late lunch.  Since there wasn't a line out the door, we walked in thinking that the wait wouldn't be too bad...only to find out that the seemingly nonexistent wait was actually an hour.  AN HOUR.

Maybe a little fazed, but not completely deterred, we left our phone number and then hit the streets to explore.  Luckily, there's a lot to do in Lincoln Park.  Before we set out, Queen G asked for a cup of coffee.  When she tried to pay for it, she was waved off and told that it was on the house.  Score!  We'd browsed through Trader Joe's and were just starting to dig through Buffalo Exchange when we got the call.

Things were starting to quiet down in the restaurant, but there was still a steady stream of people walking through the door:

Before we started ordering, we were warned that a couple of dishes were no longer available.  Fortunately for Queen G and I, they weren't the dishes we were eyeing.

Queen G and I got the shrimp with grits:

The shrimp were perfectly grilled, just slightly pinkened and very tender.  I've never really had a good experience with grits, but I've never been able to give up on them.  I always believed that the perfect grits were out there, waiting for me.  And they were.  At 2 Sparrows.  Even without the awesome tasso ham gravy, the grits were creamy and delicious.

We also split the belly sandwich:

The best part of the dish was definitely the KILLER tater tots.  I could eat those all day.

The sandwich itself consisted of a buttery biscuit, pork belly, a sunny side egg, and pickled onions:

While the combo was indeed fantastic, we were a little disappointed by the size of the sandwich and more importantly, by the one tiny strip of pork belly in it.  One.  It really needed a friend or two.

I don't know if I would be willing to wait an hour again, but the food at 2 Sparrows was definitely well thought out and well executed.  

We ended up never getting around to actually painting Queen G's room, though we did get the taping done.  We freaked out a bit when we opened the paint can to find a blinding white instead of the soft gray we were expecting.  That led to a panicked trek back to ACE Hardware, where we learned that paint always dries darker.  Huh.  How were we supposed to know that?

By the time we got back to Queen G's place, it was too late to start painting.  Oh, drat.  At least lunch was good...

2 Sparrows
553 W Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 234-2320


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