New York: Halal Cart

Despite an hour long bus delay due to an oil spill accident in Maryland, I was able to reach New York in one piece at 1:00am Saturday morning. I ended up talking with my friend until 6:00am, when we finally succumbed to essentially a 3 hour nap.

Long before I'd even booked my bus tickets to New York, I'd already informed my friends that my first meal in the Big Apple had to be halal. My friend delivered, as I knew she would:

I've been to this halal truck 3 times now, but apparently the "real" halal truck at 53rd St and 6th Ave only opens for business from 7:30pm to 4:00am. Given how I've never been in the area at that time, this halal truck has serviced just fine for me.

The last two times I went had been workdays and so the lines had been monstrous. Today there line, for which I was grateful. I went right up to the halal guy and told him I wanted chicken with rice, with white sauce:

Just as delicious as the first time I tried halal. Love, love, loooove halal. The soft pita, the fragrant rice, the simple shredded lettuce, the savory chicken, and of course the white sauce...I love it all. The first time I visited New York, my friends and I had halal as dinner or as a late night snack almost every other night of our week-long trip (but from another cart on the Upper West side).

There's always so much food that I can never finish it all in one sitting. I really wish halal trucks can be parked all across the country, particularly wherever I am. Even though this isn't the "real" halal truck and I would still like to try that "real" halal truck one day, this particular truck does the job. Well.

Halal Truck
53rd and 6th Ave
New York, NY 10019


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