Chicago: Jam

We were supposed to celebrate MM's birthday with a brunch plus champagne, but Easter service ran long and Jam had a 30 minute wait, so we only got to spend 15 minutes with MM before she had to head off to work:

As for the rest of us...we changed our party number to three and waited to be seated:

Once at our table, we ordered some orange juice, popped open the champagne, and toasted in honor of MM.  Queen G and EK powered through that bottle of champagne (in the most elegant way possible), while I did quite some damage to the carafe of orange juice.

We were quickly brought the cutest little mini apricot muffins as an amuse bouche:

We decided to split three plates, the first being the malted custard french toast:

The perfect bite included some macerated cherries, a bit of lime leaf cream, and one or two pink peppercorns.  Simultaneously sweet, sour, refreshing, and creamy.  Yum!

The jamburger was also fantastic:

It came topped with the most gorgeous egg, smoked tomato sauce, and butterkase, a buttery cheese.  On the side were some pretty awesome seasoned fries.

The guisado verde was no laughing matter either:

How does Jam get every single egg to come out so damn perfect?  Geez.  The corn risotto was my favorite part, even compared to the braised beef, tomato crema, and tomatillo on top of it.

Fabulous brunch, no complaints at all.  Except for MM's absence.  Total and complete fail there.  Sorry, MM.  We'll make it up to you.  Promise!

3057 W Logan Blvd
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 292-6011


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