Boston: Toscanini's

On our second day in Boston, my sister and I had a very memorable breakfast at Tosanini's: 

It was rather empty when we arrived, but people soon started shuffling in afterwards:

What's at Toscanini's, you ask?  ICE CREAM.  Since we were the only people at the counter at the time, our server was really nice about letting us try as many flavors as we wanted.  And boy, how many they were!  Everything from cardamom coffee to Guinness to goat cheese.

It was my sister's idea to get a pint to share between the two of us.  For our two flavors, we finally decided on earl grey and salted saffron:

Our pint was packed to overflowing, not that we were complaining.  I still can't get over how awesome the ice cream was.  It had such a creamy yet firm texture and the flavors were simply extraordinary.

Add that to a sheet of chicharron (that I brought from Chicago for my sister to taste) and there you have it, the breakfast of champions.

That's how we roll.

899 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 491-5877


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