Boston: Mike's Pastry

The fried seafood from the Union Oyster House was still sitting heavily in our stomachs by the time we finished the Freedom Trail.  We didn't feel like having a full-on dinner, but we also had quite some time to kill, so we stopped by Mike's Pastry in the North End:

What we found when we arrived can only be described as orderly chaos.  It may look like a cannoli-crazy mob, but if you squint you can actually see several separate lines:

Okay, maybe not.  But they're there.

When you finally get to the counter, you'll see the beautiful array of cannolis just waiting for a home:

So many flavors to choose from!  Chocolate chip, amaretto, limoncello, espresso, sister and I ultimately decided on hazelnut and plain:

Perhaps the coolest part of the Mike's Pastry experience was watching the staff string and tie pastry boxes with the giant spools hanging from the ceiling.  So incredibly efficient.

We wandered around Boston for a good while after Mike's, trying to find a McDonald's (my sister wanted a shamrock shake).  It took three McDonald's before we finally found one that still had the damn shake.  

The cannolis came as a nice little dessert after my filet-o-fish.  Best cannoli I've ever had, but to be honest, I couldn't take more than two bites of each cannoli.  If I didn't witness my sister scarfing down the rest of the cannolis, I wouldn't believe that it's possible to finish one by yourself.  

On a little side note, my sister and I accidentally ended up with front row seats to a massive chick fight at McDonald's.  Earrings came off, weaves ripped out, chairs flung, the whole shebang.  As the fight escalated, I kept trying to get my sister to leave, but she, calm as a cucumber, just continued eating her fries and cannolis.

They're good, but I don't know if Mike's cannolis are worth dying over.

Mike's Pastry
300 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113
(617) 742-3050


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