Boston: LA Burdick

Harvard is nice...but not that interesting to keep us occupied all day.  So to kill time before meeting up with JSG for dinner, my sister and I camped out at LA Burdick:

The first thing you see when you enter the door is a chocolate store to beat all chocolate stores (chocolate mice and chocolate penguins!).  When you walk further in, you'll find a cute cafe setup:

I heeded JChang's advice to try the hot chocolate, while my sister went with a mocha:

As our goal was to spend as much time at LA Burdick as possible, I debated over what size of hot chocolate I could get.  Luckily, I decided on the smallest option, the demi, because that stuff was RICH.  It should really come with a glass of milk.  Definitely not the cheapest hot chocolate, but very damn good (though I have to say that Hot Chocolate in Chicago is even better).

To make our long stay seem a bit more legit, we also ordered a rhubarb tart:

We worked our way through the drinks and the tart as slowly as we could without being too obvious.  Oh, who am I kidding.  With our luggage with us, we looked like we'd moved in.  (That's right, we were carrying our luggage around the entire day.)  Eventually, the embarrassment kicked in and we slunk out in search of another camping spot.

LA Burdick
52 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 491-4340


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