Korea: Nambu Restaurant

We were given the option of eating first or exploring Seongnyu Cave first.  We elected to start with the cave and then reward ourselves with lunch afterwards.  Conveniently enough, the restaurant was located just a short walk from the cave entrance:

Panchan galore, as usual:

We were brought a stone pot of doenjang jjigae to share among four people:

We did, however, each get our own bibimbap:

The egg was well done.  Sigh.  No runny yolk in sight.

The good news is, I learned a new way of eating bibimbap from CK's mom.  Instead of eating it as is (with gochujang, of course), she dumped in some doenjang jjigae.  Uh...GENIUS.

While the meal wasn't exactly spectacular, the cave ended up being one of my favorite parts of the tour.  To be honest, a good fraction of my enjoyment of the cave derived not from the cave itself (though it is rather awesome), but from CK's over the top reaction to it.  Okay, so maybe the walls were somewhat slimy, but still.  Her girly squeals were hilariously gratifying.

If you don't mind dark, damp places, do check if out.  But if you're like CK, spare yourself and go straight to the restaurant.

Oh, and a warning to all those who do go to the cave.  The helmets stink.  Like, really, really stink.

경상북도 울진군 근남면 구산리 397-8


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