South Bay: Treat Ice Cream Co.

Poor T had been trying to get to Treat Ice Cream Co. for over a week, but she kept getting thwarted by Treat's unconventional hours (weekdays, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm).  She finally called me up on Friday at 2:00 pm and informed me that she was picking me up and we were going to get it done.

We knew beforehand that Treat would be tricky to locate, but we still got confused when we turned into a residential-looking street.  If we hadn't noticed the truck with "Treat" written on it, we would've driven right by the entrance to the parking lot.  Tucked in the back of the lot was Treat itself:

The open door led to a dark hallway.  T and I stood awkwardly at the entrance, not sure if we were supposed to go in or if we'd inadvertently found the back door.  Finally someone who worked there came out, saw us, laughed at us, and then welcomed us to walk right in.

Treat Ice Cream Co. isn't an ice cream parlor, but is instead a small manufacturer that supplies ice cream parlors and specialty supermarkets.  Hence all the cool machines inside:

There was a board posted that listed all the flavors available (as well as those sold out and those that are upcoming).  We chatted with one of the guys and finally decided to try the marble black raspberry on his recommendation:

A carton is $5 dollars (cash only!) and since you don't get to taste test the different flavors, choose wisely!

I think we made a really good choice:

The vanilla ice cream base was super creamy, while the raspberry swirls were tangy and REAL (none of that artificial stuff).

There are still so many flavors I want to try, so I will definitely be back.

Mission accomplished, T!

Treat Ice Cream Co.
11 S 19th St
San Jose, CA 95116
(408) 292-9321


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