Korea: Jjanggu Nehoetjim

After dinner, we were dropped off at our hotel and set free to explore Pusan on our own.  Thankfully, CK's uncle was there to take us around.  We strolled down the beach and then through the streets before sighting this place:

Crayon Shin-chan's restaurant?  Uh, awesome?  Crayon Shin-chan's seafood restaurant in Korea?  DOUBLE AWESOME.

I was a little disappointed by the lack of Crayon Shin-chan-ness inside:

The lack of Crayon Shin-chan decor was easily forgotten once this array of panchan was brought to the table:

Beondegi (silk worm pupae) made a reappearance.  I didn't like it any better the second time around.  Along with it came a dish of tiny cone-shaped shells.  You eat the little buggers by sucking on the shell opening.  The meat that comes out is salty, tiny, and ultimately not worth my time.

There were bigger and better sea creatures to tackle:

How's that for the weirdest plate of sashimi you've ever seen?  Sea cucumbers, sea squirts, sea worms...oh, my!

I didn't enjoy the sea squirts (right half of the plate).  The sea cucumber was acceptable, but it's almost crunchy texture came as a bit of a surprise.  Apparently, it's crunchy because the sea cucumber tenses when it's sliced.

My favorite of the night was the sea worm:

They wriggled when poked at with chopsticks.  No joke.  Kind of gross, but I ruthlessly quashed the queasy feel in my stomach and popped a squirming piece in my mouth before I could psych myself out of it.  Not bad.  Not particularly flavorful, but a quick dunk in gochujang remedied that.  Not as hard as the sea cucumber, but still rather...al dente.

The next day, we were brought to a seafood market, where I was able to get some pictures of what we ate.  Here are the sea squirts:

The sea cucumbers and the sea worms:

While I'm glad I gave it a try, I think I'm going to stick with my usual sashimi.  Sorry, Crayon Shin-chan.

부산 해운대구 우동 1378번지


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