Korea: Hwa Jin Service Area

Throughout our little road trip across Korea, we got little rest breaks at various service areas.  Just like in the States, a typical service area includes plenty of restrooms to satisfy all the passing travelers.  But unlike in the States, rest stops in Korea include FOOD COURTS:

Not only that, but lining the outside of the building are food stands offering snacks, such as potatoes, hotteok, and waffles.  We weren't hungry enough to have a full meal (we were also a bit strapped on time), so we headed straight for the stand from which the most incredible smell was wafting:

Mmm...squid grilled on hot coals:

Since each squid is grilled to order, we had to stand around and wait for a bit, but the payoff was worth it.  After our squid was done, CK's mom brought it to a side table to cut with the supplied scissors:

We were a little late getting back onto the tour bus, but we didn't care.  We had SQUID:

The meat was a little chewy, but you can't get find this kind of awesome road trip snack in a grocery store.  Yummy!


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