South Bay: Sushi Tomi

A friend from Chicago Law was visiting the Bay, so I agreed to meet up with her at Sushi Tomi for dinner:

My parents ended up tagging along, since they wanted in on the action.

There was a bit of a wait at the door, but we were eventually led to a table:

After we each placed our orders, we were brought miso soup and salads:

I usually like Japanese salad (thanks to the Japanese dressing), but this bowl of salad had it's proportions all mixed up.  Way too much salad to way too little dressing.  Bummer.

My dad always goes for the chirashi, which is sushi rice topped with various sashimi.  Here's his regular chirashi:

My friend ordered the special chirashi, which came with a couple additional sashimi pieces:

My mom and I split the katsu-don:

And a two-entree combination dinner.  One entree was the tempura:

The other was the chicken sukiyaki:

I was surprised by how much sukiyaki we got, considering how it's a combination dinner, but I guess that's what the additional $2 is for.  It wasn't the best sukiyaki I've had, however, so I was a bit disappointed.

My dad, on the other hand, was quite impressed...not by his chirashi, but by the wasabi and the ginger.  According to him, they're legit.  The wasabi is made from the real stuff and the ginger is un-dyed and tender.  I have to agree with him on the ginger.  I love that stuff.

Overall, while the food didn't really blow me away, it was certainly decent.  The highlight of the meal had to be when a spider crawled onto my dad's arm from under the table.  That certainly gave us something to talk about.

Sushi Tomi
635 W Dana St
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 968-3227


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