Korea: Korea Buffet Chum Sung Dae

Our tour guide certainly kept us busy between lunch and dinner.  Within the span of a few hours, we crammed in the Gyeongju National Museum (where I hunted for free stamps), Seokguram Grotto, and Bulguksa Temple.  Lots of walking involved.

By the time our tour bus pulled up to Korean Buffet Chum Sung Dae, I was pooped:

After circling around once to survey the goods, I got in line:

I got a little bit of just about everything (that wasn't in the salad section):

Spaghetti?  Check.  Nigiri?  Check.

Sadly, the best thing they had was this:

French fries in Korea, baby!  They were freshly fried and actually quite yummy.  Everything else was a bit subpar.

After dinner it was back on the tour bus and off to the hotel.

경북 경주시 구황동 883-34


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